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IR Intros POWIRTAB Package

International Rectifier (El Segundo, CA) now offers its POWIRTAB package for 30V input diodes. The POWIRTAB combines the current handling capability of a small module with the cost of discrete plastic package, providing up to 175A capability in the same footprint as the TO-247 package.The POWIRTAB package is claimed to feature excellent die-to-footprint ratio and sturdy connectivity for high-current environments. Large creepage distance combines with the lowest possible internal contacting resistance to minimize stray inductance. A large tab provides electrical and thermal connection with high-current handling capability, and features PCB insertion fingers to permit system designers to increase the power density of existing circuits without modification to the printed circuit board.The prices for the 30V input diodes, based on 10,000 pieces, are $4 for the 175BGQ030 and $3 for the 100GBQO30.

International Rectifier Corp.
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