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IR Intros New IGBTs for "Coil-On-Plug" Automotive Ignition

International Rectifier (El Segundo, CA) announced that it is producing new IGBTs targeted specifically for the newer coil-on-plug automotive ignition applications. The new 14AA IRGS14B4OL is designed to be more cost effective in the latest ignition architectures that pair an IGBT with individual coils one on each spark plug. IR's new ignition IGBTs are intended to provide a second source to other zener-clamped ignition IGBTs. They are used as a switch that precisely controls the voltage at which the primary side of the ignition coil breaks resulting in a more precisely controlled secondary voltage for the spark plug. IR claims that its new IGBTs meet or exceed the capabilities of the existing devices in the market on all of the above. Pricing is less than US $1.00 for production volumes.

International Rectifier Corp.
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