IR Intros New Family of 600V Half-Bridge Gate Drivers – IR2106/2107/2108/2109 & IR21064/21074/21084/21094

International Rectifier (El Segundo, CA) introduced a new family of 600V half-bridge gate drivers purpose-designed and tuned for variable speed appliance motor drives. The gate drivers, available as 8-pin or 14-pin devices, are intended for applications in refrigerator compressors, washing machines and air conditioners. According to IR, the 8-pin products, IR2106/2107/2108/2109 are the lowest pin count possible for integrating high-side and low-side gate drivers in one IC. The part types differ by input-to-output logic, simplifying the interface selection to controller logic. The 14-pin products, IR21064/21074/21084/21094, incorporate external programmable dead-time and separate logic vs. power ground pins. Added features allow noise-free applications in higher power appliance drives.The gate drive output is designed to reduce EMI and includes options for internal pull-up and pull-down gate drive impedance settings to achieve the desirable switching profile. The 8-pin devices, available in either DIP or SOIC packages, start at $0.67, and the 14-pin devices, in either DIP or SOIC packages, start at $0.85, in quantities of 100,000.

International Rectifier Corp.
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