IR Intros K, F, U and WARP Speed IGBT Series Products

International Rectifier (El Segundo, CA) is offering a series of IGBT products in a TO-220 Full-Pak package. Ranging from 5A to 20A, four types of IGBTs are available in the TO-220 Full-Pak: K-series IGBTs with a guaranteed short circuit capability for brushless dc drives operating at more than 12kHz or inverter drives at more than 8kHz; F-series IGBTs for HVAC applications operating below 8kHz; U-series IGBTs with maximum from 10 to 40kHz for UPS, power supply and motor drive applications not needing short circuit protection; and WARP Speed IGBTs, suited for power supply applications over 60kHz, particularly those with power factor correction capabilities. A Co-Pack configuration with an IGBT and an anti-parallel HEXFRED diode in a TO-220 Full-Pak is also available. According to IR, the HEXFRED diode complements the IGBT, significantly reducing EMI compared to other Fast Recovery Diodes. Pricing for the IGBTs starts from $0.90 for 50,000 pieces.

International Rectifier Corp.
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