IR Intros 5 New P-Channel MOSFETs

International Rectifier (El Segundo, CA) introduced a selection of five new p-channel MOSFETs with ratings of -12V to -20V, three of which are claimed to deliver industry-leading performance for power management applications. The new devices are available in single and dual configurations in three different surface mount package styles, including the Micro6, Micro8 and SO-8 outlines. The IRF7555 is a dual, -20V device which offers Rds(on) of 105 milliohms at 2.5Vgs and 55 milliohms at 4.5Vgs. The IRF7663, a single -20V device offers Rds(on) of 40 milliohms at 2.5Vgs and 25 milliohms at 4.5Vgs. The IRLMS6802 Micro6 device offers an Rds(on) of 100 milliohms at 2.5Vgs and 50 milliohms at 4.5Vgs, which is claimed to be the lowest available for any p-channel product in this package outline. The SO-8 devices, the IRF7220 and IRF7233, are single-configuration -14V and -12V products, respectively. The IRF7220 offers Rds(on) of 20 milliohms at 2.5Vgs and 12 milliohms and 4.5Vgs, while the IRF7223 offers Rds(on) of 33 milliohms at 2.5Vgs and 20 milliohms at 4.5Vgs. Pricing for the new devices starts at $0.28 for 100,000 pieces.

International Rectifier Corp.
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