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IR Announces M3G Family of DC/DC Converters

International Rectifier Corp. (IR, El Segundo, CA) introduced the new M3G family of off-the-shelf, radiation-hardened, high-reliability, dc/dc converters that are suitable for geo-stationary and deep space satellites and communication systems. The M3G converters are single-ended, forward buck converter building blocks for 28V, 50V and 70V input power buses, in single-, dual- or triple-output configurations.

The M3G family is hardened to withstand a total ionizing dose of 200Krads, with a single event effect rating of greater than 82MeV-cm²/mg. The new converters simplify integration since EMI filtering as well as frequency and phase synchronization are built in. In addition, the M3G devices are made with hybrid technology, enabling a compact footprint of approximately 2.67in³ (43.75cm³) at less than 2.82oz (80g) in flight-qualified power systems.

Samples and flight units are available now. Pricing is $7,950 each in 50-plus unit quantities. The product is subject to US export control laws and regulations.

International Rectifier Corp.
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