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Invensys Powerware Division Announces the Powerware 5125 UPS

Invensys Powerware Division (Raleigh, NC) announced the Powerware 5125 UPS for workstations, servers and process-control equipment. With extended battery modules capable of providing up to 12 hours of backup time, the Powerware 5125 is suitable for use in systems ranging from 1kVA to 3kVA. It is available in both rack-mount and tower configurations.

The Powerware 5125 features a hot-swappable electronics module with internal bypass on the 2,400VA and 3,000VA models. The UPS has a load segment feature that allows separate control of two or three load segments. It also has ABM Plus, a battery management system with a three-stage chaging process. The Powerware 5125 also utilizes buck and double-boost technology. Its batteries are hot-swappable and all units carry a triple-power warranty.

"The features and functionality of the Powerware 5125 were designed based on customer feedback," said Jeff Ames, director of product marketing at Powerware. "Advanced communications, high power density, compact size and extended runtime options make the Powerware 5125 a very cost-effective, efficient solution for today's communications networks."

The Powerware 5125 tower units will be available on a global basis beginning in August 2001, starting at a list price of $699. The rack-mount configurations will be ready for first customer shipment in September.

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