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Intertech Offers Two Workshops on 14V to 42V Transition

Intertech Corp. (Portland, ME) will be offering two new workshops in Indianapolis, Indiana, dedicated to the transition to 42V power supply systems for road vehicles. The first workshop will be held from June 11 through 12, 2001, and is entitled "The Transition from 14V to 42V Systems". The second, from June 13 through 14, 2001, is called "Designing Motor Drives for Low-Voltage Applications."

The workshops are designed to give attendees an overview of the 14/42 transition in terms of standards, timing, implementation and costs. They will also cover design of 42V drive and auxiliary motors, starters, alternators, inverters, dc/dc converters and power controllers

Both workshops will be taught by a team of four experts, including Randy Frank, James M. Kokernak, David A. Torrey and John G.W. West.

Additional information about the workshops can be accessed online here.

Intertech Corp.
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