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Intersil Unveils Two-Phase Core Controller for AMD Turion® Mobile CPUs

Intersil Corp. introduced a new two-phase core controller with embedded gate drivers to power AMD’s next-generation (64-bit Turion™) mobile CPUs. The device offers improved transient response and load line accuracy enabled by Intersil’s patented R³ (Robust Ripple Regulator) Technology.™

Intersil’s new R³ controller uses post-package trimming to remove all errors associated with assembly and offers 0.5% accuracy across the entire temperature range, which is the best in the industry. The device uses two interleaved channels to double the output voltage ripple frequency, reducing output voltage ripple amplitude with fewer components, lower component cost, reduced power dissipation and smaller real estate area.

"The ISL6264 uses Intersil’s patented R³ Technology to meet the transient response and light-load efficiencies required by AMD (Turion™) processors," said Majid Kafi, Director of Intersil’s Notebook Power Products Group. "Intersil now offers a vast number of products that power the latest CPUs by both Intel and AMD. The dynamic phase adding/dropping optimizes the efficiency of the CPUs, improving battery life."

The ISL6264 is a two-phase controller with embedded gate drivers. The heart of the ISL6264 is the patented R³ Technology, Intersil’s Robust Ripple Regulator modulator. Compared with traditional multiphase controllers, the ISL6264 has the fastest transient response due to the R³ modulator commanding variable switching frequency during a load transient. Target applications include: notebook computer systems, LCD-PC systems, SAN or NAS systems, point of sale terminals, and blade servers.

Intersil’s high-performance analog ICs provide innovative power management solutions for applications in the computing, communications, peripherals, display, networking, telecommunications, industrial, instrumentation and battery-powered products markets. Intersil is a leading supplier of PWM controller ICs with over two billion units shipped. Intersil offers a broad portfolio of power management ICs, including single and multiple output switching regulators, integrated FET dc-dc controllers, battery management ICs, hot plug controllers and power MOSFET drivers.

The ISL6264 is available now in a 40-lead QFN package and is priced at $3.80 in 1,000-unity quantities. Evaluation boards are also available for the ISL6264.

Intersil Corp.
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