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Intersil Intros 60V HUF764xx & 100V HUF766xx Logic Level N-Channel UltraFET MOSFETs

Intersil Corporation (Palm Bay, FL) added the 60V and 100V Logic Level N-channel UltraFET MOSFET families to its portfolio of logic level MOSFETs for the automotive market. The 60V family includes 18 discrete devices while the 100V family features six devices. The 60V (HUF764xx) family and 100V (HUF766xx) family of logic level devices are the latest additions to Intersil's automotive MOSFET family targeting applications that require full device capability at low gate drive voltages. The devices are fully on with 5V on the gate with a threshold between 1V and 2V. This low threshold design is claimed to allow the MOSFETs to be driven directly by a signal from the microprocessor output, enabling applications in the 5V regulated supply voltage control circuit environment and low battery and cold crank conditions. The high channel density of the UltraFET process enables Rds(on) performance as low as 9.5 milliohms in a TO-220 and D2Pak (TO-263) and 27 milliohms in a D-Pak (TO-252) at a BVdss of 60V, and Rds(on) performance as low as 15 milliohms in TO-220 and TO-263 and 53 milliohms in TO-252 at a breakdown voltage of 100V.

Intersil Corp.
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