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Intersil Introduces New Scalable Power Modules

Intersil Corp. announced the ISL8200M, a compact, scalable power module. This flexible new module is said to provide designers an easy-to-use general-purpose power solution that satisfies a wide range of point-of-load (POL) power requirements.

The ISL8200M is a 10A, highly integrated POL regulator in a surface mount QFN package that includes a PWM controller, power MOSFETs, power inductor and associated discrete components. It is ideally suited for a broad range of applications in the computing, telecommunications and networking infrastructure, and industrial markets.

According to the company, power system designers face considerable challenges, and performance demands continue to increase. Unless an engineer is an expert at power supply design, "getting it right the first time" is very unlikely. Thanks to its robust, highly-integrated construction, the ISL8200M makes designing a high-performance POL regulator nearly foolproof.

According to the company, the ISL8200M modules have five compelling features and benefits:

– Constructing a high-performance POL regulator with the ISL8200M is said to be fast and simple. All the user needs are input and output capacitors, a few support components, and a single resistor to program the output voltage.

– Power system performance requirements continue to rise, increasing the risk of design problems. The ISL8200M delivers state-of-the-art performance without the risk. And with fewer components, reliability in the field is improved as well.

– Power system design often happens late in the product development cycle. The ISL8200M minimizes the risk of product delays simply drop it on the board, and it works. Now it’s said to be easy to get the power supply right the first time, and get the product to market on schedule.

– The ISL8200M’s compact 15 x 15mm package consumes very little PCB area. And with its thin 2.2mm profile, the ISL8200M can be mounted on the back side of the PCB where space is typically free.

– The ISL8200M enables a single solution covering <10 to 60A. This simplifies inventory by allowing a single part to satisfy a wide range of POL regulator applications.

The ISL8200M accepts input voltages from 3 to 20V, and supports output voltages from 0.6 to 6V. A patented current-sharing architecture allows up to six modules to be paralleled for a total output current of 60A. Remote voltage sensing also assures precise regulation even in low voltage, high current applications.

Programmable and synchronizable switching frequency allows designers to optimize efficiency and control switching noise in noise-sensitive systems. An enable pin and power-good indicator can be used to sequence modules to meet FPGA and processor power sequencing requirements.

Unlike some competing power modules, the ISL8200M is assembled in a thermally enhanced surface mount QFN package with leads around the perimeter. This provides for more reliable soldering, solder quality inspection and easy access with oscilloscope probes.

The ISL8200MIRZ is available now in a 23-lead QFN package, with prices starting at $15.86 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Intersil Corp.
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