Intersil Announces HIP1011E, ISL6118, and ISL6121 Hot-Plug Power Management Devices

Intersil (Irvine, CA) announced a new family of hot-plug power management devices. The new Endura family includes hot-plug power control devices designed into over half of the global server hot-swap computer power management applications. New devices include the ISL6121, ISL6118 and HIP1011E.

Intersil's Endura hot-plug devices comply with the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) hot-plug specifications. Together, the new HIP1011E and ISL6118 ICs provide a complete two-slot PCI hot-swap solution for servers that employ the Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) power-management protocol. The HIP1011D is available for customers that prefer a built-in, under-voltage lock-out feature.

Intersil's new ISL6121 is the newest addition to Intersil's storage system hot-swap product line. The device is designed to hot-swap the 5V rail of fiber channels, integrated drive electronics and small computer system interface disk drives in high-availability data storage systems. The ISL6121 is an intelligent circuit breaker with current limiting and an integrated MOSFET. The over-current limit is set at 2A. The device is completely self-contained in an eight-lead SOIC package.

All three devices in Intersil's Endura family are immediately available. Pricing for 10,000 pieces in tape-and-reel quantities is $1.00 each for the eight-lead SOIC ISL6121, $1.25 each for the eight-lead SOIC ISL6118, and $4.78 each for the 28-lead SSOP HIP1011E.

Intersil Corp.
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