International Resistive Intros Voltage Divider in SOT-23 Package

The Advanced Film Division of International Resistive Company (IRC, Corpus Christi, TX) recently announced a precision voltage divider in a SOT-23 package, providing ratio tolerances to 0.05 percent and temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) ratio tracking of +/-5 PPM/degrees C. For precision tolerances and environmental stability, IRC claims it uses its proprietary thin film on silicon technology (TaNSil), a unique tantalum nitride film process. The SOT-23 voltage divider also is available in custom resistances for applications such as power supplies, voltage regulators, instrumentation, amplifiers, smart battery modules and battery chargers. The SOT-23 is available at $0.20 in quantities of 100,000.

International Resistive Co. Inc.
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