Infineon Intros Three New TEMPFET Switches: BTS 244Z, BTS 247Z & BTS 282Z

Infineon Technologies Corp. (San Jose, CA), formerly Siemens Microelectronics Inc., introduced three new devices to its family of single-channel, low-side TEMPFET intelligent power switches with over-temperature protection. The new BTS 244Z, BTS 247Z and BTS 282Z power switches, designated speed TEMPFET switches, operate across the same frequency range as standard power MOSFETs, according to Infineon, extending the advantages of temperature protection to applications requiring higher frequency switches. The use of chip-on-chip technology enables an isolated temperature sensor to be combined with a standard power MOSFET. The switches also provide overload protection.The BTS 282Z is rated at a high of 51A of load current with 10.0V gate source voltage and less than 0.5V drain source. Under similar operating conditions, the BTS 247Z and 244Z are rated at 19A and 26A of load current, respectively."The transition from standard MOSFETs to protected switches has been restricted by the inherent frequency limitations of intelligent power switches," stated Product Marketing Manager Shawn Fogarty. "With Speed TEMPFET switches, Infineon broke the switching frequency barrier, and in the process, paved the way for the introduction of intelligent control of power switches to a wide range of new applications."The new Speed TEMPFETs offer rise and fall times ranging from 30 to 55ns, making them ideal for medium to high-frequency PWM applications such as automotive lighting, climate control, electric power steering, fan control and wiper drivers, according to Infineon. Industrial applications include relay and fuse replacement, power control in appliance and portable tools, various automated designs in robotics, and industrial automation.The BTS 244Z and BTS 247Z are housed in 5-pin TO-220 packages while the BTS 282Z is offered in a 7-pin TO-220 design. In quantities of 10,000, prices start at $1.64 for the BTS 247Z, $1.95 for the BTS 244Z, and $2.74 for the BTS 282Z.

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