Infineon Introduces 650V CoolMOS C6/E6 High-Voltage Power Transistors

Infineon Technologies launched the new 650V CoolMOS™ C6/E6 series of high-performance power MOSFETs, combining the advantages of modern superjunction (SJ) devices such as low on-resistance and reduced capacitive switching losses with easy control of switching behaviour as well as high body diode ruggedness. Based on the same technology platform, the C6 devices have been optimized for ease of use while the E6 devices have been designed to provide highest efficiency.

CoolMOS C6/E6 is the sixth generation of high voltage SJ power MOSFETs from Infineon. The new 650V CoolMOS C6/E6 devices offer fast yet controlled switching performance and enable applications where efficiency and power density are key requirements. Infineon states that the 650V CoolMOS C6/E6 products are easy to design-in and are the best choice for various energy efficient switching applications such as notebook adapters, solar, and other switched mode power supply (SMPS) designs where extra breakdown voltage headroom is required.

"With the new 650V C6/E6 product range Infineon complements its earlier released CoolMOS 600V C6/E6 product family, allowing us to offer the benefits of our sixth generation of CoolMOS technology in those applications where 650V blocking capability is desirable," said Jan-Willem Reynaerts, Product Line Manager HVMOS Power Discretes at Infineon Technologies. "CoolMOS C6/E6 in that sense offers our customers an excellent migration path from our very successful 650V C3 series devices."

Compared to the CoolMOS C3 650V family, the new 650V CoolMOS C6/E6 devices offer up to 20% lower energy storage in the output capacitance (E oss), and additionally the improved body diode of the C6/E6 devices shows higher ruggedness against hard commutation and reduces the reverse recovery charge by 25%. The switching behavior of the C6/E6 series is capable of avoiding excessive voltage and current slopes thanks to its balanced design with tuned gate resistors.

Samples of the IPA65R280C6/IPA65R280E6 (280mΩ in a TO220 FullPAK) and IPA65R380C6/IPA65R380E6 (380mΩ in a TO220 FullPAK) are available now. Volume production of these first parts of the new C6/E6 650V series will be started in July 2010. The product range will be steadily extended and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010.

Pricing for the IPA65R280C6 / IPA65R280E6 is at 2.90 US Dollar each for an order volume of 10,000 pieces.

Infineon Technologies AG
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