Infineon Announces 25V OptiMOS Voltage Regulation MOSFET and DrMOS Families

Infineon Technologies AG announced additions to its OptiMOS™ power MOSFET portfolio. Infineon introduced an OptiMOS 25V device family that is optimized for voltage regulation in power supplies for computer servers and telecommunications / data communications switches. The new MOSFETs are also integrated into the TDA21220 DrMOS devices that are compliant with the Intel DrMOS specification.

With significant reductions in three critical Figures of Merit (FOM) for efficiency, the new devices reduce MOSFET power losses up to 20% and deliver optimized performance across all load conditions. Additionally, higher power density makes it possible to reduce the circuit board footprint of the buck converter by more than 40% in a typical power supply.

For example, in a 6-phase voltage regulator design, the new 25V OptiMOS devices deliver peak efficiency of 93% and greater than 90% efficiency across the output current range of 30 to 180A using a 5V gate drive. Device characteristics contributing to this efficiency include the industry’s lowest on-state resistance, lowest gate charge and lowest output capacitance.

Infineon believes it is the first power MOSFET supplier to provide devices with all three of these characteristics optimized for efficiency.

"More efficient energy utilization and consequently electricity that we do not use will represent our greatest energy resource in the future and Infineon heavily contributes to these efforts," said Richard Kuncic, Director, Product Line Low Voltage MOSFETs at Infineon Technologies. "Infineon offers very powerful and efficient MOSFET solutions for applications in industrial, telecommunications, as well as in the consumer and home appliance areas. We set the benchmark for MOSFET performance and are committed to expanding our position as the top supplier of devices to enable the greatest possible energy efficiency in power supplies. With this new 25V OptiMOS series, we are enabling designs that reduce power use and lower costs for our customers."

Power supply designers can use the 25V OptiMOS devices to reduce electricity use, lower thermal load and even shrink the size of their products. These improvements are highly valued by data center operators for several reasons including the fact that the cost of electricity to power servers and provide cooling is the largest single operating budget item in facilities. Reducing the entire system footprint also is highly valued by end-user organizations.

Infineon offers the new 25V OptiMOS discretes in three package types; SuperSO8, CanPAK and the exceptionally small S3O8, which measures just 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm. With the S3O8, a 6-phase converter design can be achieved in just 1120 sq mm, a footprint reduction of 45 to 55% compared to the other two package types.

The new DrMOS device, the TDA21220, is a multi-chip package integrating two new OptiMOS transistors and a driver IC. It features an efficiency that is 2 to 4% higher than comparable solutions on the market.

Engineering samples of the 25V OptiMOS family and the TDA21220 DrMOS device are now available. Typical pricing, for a 1mΩ 25V OptiMOS device in SuperSO8 package (BSC010NE2LS) is about €1 (US $1.40) in 2k volumes. Pricing for the TDA21220 in 2k quantities start at approximately €1.55 (US $2.17) per piece.

Infineon Technologies AG
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