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Industrial ATX Power with Digital Control, SiC Rectifiers and Remote Monitoring

Nipron has added the HPCSA-700P, 700W (peak) high efficiency ATX power supply unit with the maximum efficiency of 89%. Compared with Nipron's 650W power supply units, its depth is 30mm shorter while the power capacity has been increased.

In addition, the standby power consumption is held to 0.1W, typical, satisfying the ErP Directive. These ATX power supplies include numerous features tailored for industrial control systems.

Nipron plans to introduce a variation with various features supporting IoT, enabling life expectancy prediction, operational status monitoring, etc.

The use of a SiC diode in the PFC circuit increases efficiency and also reduces switching noise enabling these power supplies to exceed the requirements for Class B EMI without the need for an external filter. Leakage current is 0.1mA at an input voltage of 100Vac and 0.24mA at 240Vac input.

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The use of digital control in the HPCSA-700P enables several features including variable overcurrent set points, output voltage sequencing and remote monitoring of operational anomalies such as over-temperature conditions, input voltages and currents, output voltages and currents, fan speed, overcurrent and overvoltage triggers, and so on.

The HPCSA-700P supports communication according to I2C standard, providing reliable high-speed communication. With an optional communication board, it can respond to various requirements including USB, RS-232C, etc.

In industrial systems, there can be a need for sequencing the start-up of the various output voltages. With these ATX power supplies it is possible to individually adjust the start-up ramps of the output voltages ensuring smooth system operation.

The HPCSA-700P series allows the user to add a +24V or +48V output, which is not offered in ordinary ATX power supply units.

Therefore, the unit may be used for both control and motive power, eliminating the necessity to prepare an additional single output power supply.

Optional +24V or +48V isolated output module (click on image to enlarge)

In addition, the +24 V/+48 V circuit is isolated from the ATX outputs to enable a stable operation of the PC even if a parallel connection is made to a device with large noise, such as a motor.

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