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Incremental Encoders for BLDC and Stepper Motors Enable use of Smaller Drives

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are known for their durability, efficiency, and controllability. However, the ability to control them depends on the feedback mechanism used. For this reason, Trinamic Motion Control introduced their latest ABN incremental encoder optimized for BLDC motors, the TMCS-28-x-1024.

TMCS-28 is a low-cost and small-size optical incremental encoder for use with stepper motors and 3-phase PMSM/BLDC motors. It comes with high-resolution optical code wheels with a resolution of up to 10K lines. The shaft diameter of TMCS-28-6.35-10000 and TMSC-28-6.35-1024 is 6.35mm.

“Incremental encoders are key enablers when working with BLDC motors,” according to Michael Randt. “They not only increase the application’s performance, they also relieve engineers from the increasing pressure of miniaturization and efficiency by allowing for smaller drives.”

Enabling to drive the motor with the exact torque and rpm required for an application, optical incremental encoders for brushless dc motors as well as stepper motors enable the use of smaller drives in applications. Moreover, encoders such as the TMCS-28-x-1024 ABN encoder also allow for predictive maintenance when used correctly.

Trinamic points to more and more indicators that show that soon, many applications will be able to predict when parts need to be calibrated, checked for wear and tear, or replaced.

While keeping track of runtime is one technique of predicting wear, tear, and replacement of components, using encoders to track the exact number of handlings and the type of handlings using is more accurate.

With feedback systems such as encoders for BLDC motors, or closed-loop ICs for stepper motors, predictive maintenance can be built into any application. This way, incremental encoders can not only improve efficiency by driving motors the best way possible; they can also further enhance efficiency by minimizing downtime.

Besides offering single encoders, Trinamic now also offers both stepper and BLDC motors with encoders mounted to them.

  • Low-cost optical incremental encoder for BLDC motors
  • 1024 lines / 4096 increments
  • For up to 6000rpm and 1500kHz
  • ABN interface
  • Small dimension
  • Easy to mount
Trinamic Motion Control GmbH and Co. KG
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