IDT Introduces Power Smart Technology

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) introduced its new Power Smart technology, which will initially be embedded into the company’s integrated circuits targeted for consumer applications. The IDT Power Smart technology will integrate power management functionality into IDT devices, providing IDT customers with a wide variety of design options – which the company says will prolong battery life, improve power consumption, increase design flexibility or any combination thereof.

The IDT Power Smart technology is said to uniquely integrate together programmable smart power management functionality with other IDT core silicon technologies to allow IDT to provide additional value-add at the system level. Providing solutions targeted at specific problems allows IDT to optimize the entire system through integrating the functional blocks, thereby reducing redundancy, increasing system reliability and improving overall performance. No longer do these technologies necessarily need to be simply stand-alone functions, but by integrating the various technologies together, the resulting performance improvement is greater than merely adding the functional blocks onto a single chip.

"In today’s digital world, consumption of power is changing the way we do business and live our lives. So, at the chip level, we need to re-think the way power is used in our digital media equipment and architect it from the ground up as opposed to incorporating power as an add-on feature later in the design process," said Dr. Ted Tewksbury, President and CEO at IDT. "This Power Smart technology is part of our commitment to extending our value and aiding in the success of our customers while expanding our market and technology leadership, which is particularly critical during these volatile times. At IDT, we are taking the approach that the current economic crisis gives us the opportunity to aggressively invest in technologies for the anticipated upturn that will help expedite the next generation of consumer devices and functionality."

Integrated Device Technology Inc.
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