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Huntkey Launches X-MAN 90W Laptop Car Charger

Huntkey Enterprise Group has launched its new X-MAN 90W laptop car charger which enables you to charge both a laptop computer and a 5V electronic device at the same time in your car. Compared to traditional in-car notebook adapters, the Huntkey X-MAN 90W laptop car charger features a compact and integrated design to save space in your car, and a removable DC wire for easy cable management.

The Huntkey X-MAN 90W laptop car charger is an integration of the in-car plug, the input wire and the bulky notebook adapter itself in the traditional in-car notebook adapter. In addition, because of the advanced technology adopted, the size of Huntkey X-MAN 90W laptop car charger is only 89 x 52 x 20 mm. Therefore, it saves a lot of space in your car and allows for easy cable management. The removable DC wire saves even more space and makes the cable management much easier. The angled tips save space, compared to straight ones and there are 8 tips in total for maximum compatibility with most notebooks.

The output voltage of 19.5V provides wider compatibility to laptop computers, compared to the conventional output voltage of 19V adopted by most traditional in-car notebook adapters. There is also a 5V2.1A USB included, to allow charging of a tablet PC while charging a laptop computer at the same time.

Huntkey Enterprise Group
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