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High-Voltage, Liquid-Cooled Active Harmonic Filter Modular System

Schaefer Inc. has introduced the PBAF 690-560 liquid-cooled, high voltage and high current active harmonic filter. This series is designed for oil platforms and 600Vac power systems/grids, as well as automation, wind turbine and various other industrial applications where eliminating harmonics are critical.

The filter ensures a harmonic suppression independently of the number of loads and corrects the power factor, improving the systems' efficiency while reducing harmonic distortion. 140A AHF pluggable modules (4 per system) = 560A per cabinet and each filter module has its own complete control system.

The PBAF series monitors the current signal and compensates for the unwanted elements of the measured current. System protection class meets IP65 rated and safety and construction standards comply with EN 50178, IEC 62477-1, EN61800-3 (C2) and UL508. EMI according to EN 61000-6-4.

PBAF 690-560 features:

  • Modular System with 2 cooling loops
    • Primary cooling loop: liquid cooled IGBT + filter components
    • Secondary cooling loop: liquid cooled heat exchanger, flow control, pressure monitoring
  • IGBT flow temperature exactly adjustable
  • Primary loop corrosion protected to increase persistence
  • Internal cabinet cooling with air/liquid heat exchanger
  • Emergency operation feature by loss of secondary cooling loop
  • MTTR < 15min
  • High redundancy, each filter module with complete control system
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