High-Density 4MHz 600mA Step-Down DC-DC Converters

The XC9281/XC9282 series from Torex Semiconductor are 600mA synchronous rectification dc-dc converters employing the company's HiSAT-COT control. Due to increasing the oscillation frequency to high frequency, coil with a size of 1.0 x 0.5 mm can be used. A 0.6 x 0.3 mm ceramic capacitor can be used for the input capacitance (CIN) and the output capacitance (CL), realizing that the mounting area including peripheral components can be reduced to 3.52 mm2.

As a result of increasing the oscillation frequency to 4MHz the mounting area has been reduced compared with previous-generation lower-frequency devices in the same family. Additionally, an efficiency equal to or higher than that of conventional products has been realized as a result of reductions in on-resistance and current consumption.

Because of these features, XC9281/XC9282 series are well-suited for equipment requiring miniaturization and low-profile mounting area, and battery-powered equipment such as mobile equipment.

Application schematic

Moreover, the high-speed transient response technology of the HiSAT-COT control makes it possible to minimize the fluctuation of the output voltage for a load transient condition. This feature is optimal for applications requiring a fast response and output voltage stability for an instantaneous load fluctuation like FPGA.

HiSAT-COT is a proprietary high-speed transient response technology for dc-dc converter which was developed by Torex. It is designed specifically for LSIs that require high precision and high stability power supply voltage.

Torex Semiconductor
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