Hermetically-Sealed 12A, 500V and 600V SiC Schottkys

Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) continues to develop new, high density products with the release of the SSR12C50S.22 (500V) and SSR12C60S.22 (600V) silicon-carbide (SiC) Schottky rectifiers. These high power, high voltage devices handle 12A in the hermetically-sealed SMD.22 package.

This small footprint, low profile package (0.157″ W x 0.227″ L x 0.075″ H max) offers a volume reduction of approximately 4 times the TO-252 package (0.265″ W x 0.397″ L x 0.094″ H max), which is commonly used for commercial applications.

The SSR12C60S.22 offers fast switching with negligible reverse and forward recovery time. SiC Schottkys deliver excellent high temperature performance as there is no change in switching time over temperature. The high efficiency performance of the SSR12C60S.22 is also evident by its very low reverse leakage current (3µA typical at 25°C, 6µA typical at 125°C) and low forward voltage (1.54V typical @ 12A, 25°C).

SiC Schottkys do not require matching because of their negligible reverse recovery time and positive temperature coefficient. Therefore, two of these small devices can easily be paralleled to deliver 24A of output current.

Summary of Features

  • 500 – 600 V Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier
  • Switching Behavior Benchmark
  • No Reverse Recovery
  • No Forward Recovery
  • No Switching Time Change Over Temperature
  • Low Forward Voltage Drop
  • Hermetically Sealed Surface Mount Package
  • Small Footprint
  • TX, TXV, and Space Level Screening Available
Solid State Devices, Inc.
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