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Henkel Launching Thermal and Solder Material Solutions at PCIM Europe 2019

At the PCIM Europe event on May 7-9 in Nuremberg, Henkel will launch new liquid-dispensed, low-outgassing and one-part thermal interface materials (TIMs). Henkel designed these TIMs for high-power industrial automation, automotive power conversion and automotive advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) applications. These TIMs include high performance, thermally conductive liquid gap fillers that ensure excellent gap filling at the interface for optimal heat dissipation. (See image above).

Also making its European debut is Henkel’s novel temperature-stable Loctite GC 18 low-voiding solder paste that the company formulated to minimize voids and enhance reliability across a wide component range.

As part of the Exhibitor Forum and conference program, Henkel technical specialists will present in-depth discussions of application criteria and material specifics through a series of papers and presentations.

Thermal Management and Low-voiding Interconnect Materials
One-Part, Cure-in-Place TIMs

Henkel has developed two new, one-part, cure-in-place thermal management materials to meet the requirements for simplified processing and eliminate the issues around dispensing speed with pre-cured, one-part gels.

The first, a Bergquist Liquid Form material, has a thermal conductivity of 3.5W/m-K and, and once dispensed, it cures at room temperature. This material is well suited for applications that require fast and easy processing, low assembly stress and a robust final cured modulus for lifetime gap stability.

With a thermal conductivity of 4.5W/m-K, the second one-part TIM is a silicone-free Bergquist Gap Filler moisture-cure material that the company designed for applications where silicone is a concern (such as optical systems in ADAS, industrial automation drives, and PLCs).

The second, one-part TIM is suitable for applications that require high-temperature stability of up to 150°C.

Low-Volatility Liquid Gap Fillers

Delivering robust thermal conductivity as well as the mechanical property benefits of silicone, Henkel’s Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 1500LVO and Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 3500LVO cure-in-place TIMs are low-volatility formulations that Henkel designed to ensure outgassing is minimized.

The two-part materials, with 1.8W/m-K and 3.5W/m-K thermal conductivity, respectively, are well-suited for high-throughput operations in which automated application is beneficial. As liquid mediums, the materials are conducive to miniaturized, intricate designs and can flow in and around tight spaces to ensure excellent gap filling at the interface for optimal heat dissipation.

Low-Voiding, Temperature-Stable Solder Paste, and High-Reliability Alloy

Adding to its line of Loctite GC temperature stable solder pastes, Henkel has developed a low-voiding formulation that is compatible with multiple component sizes including large, thermally-challenged devices including MOSFETs and QFNs, which are frequently integrated into power and automotive control applications.

Like all Loctite GC materials, Loctite GC 18 offers stability in transit, in storage, and on the production line, and it boasts the lowest cost-of-ownership and excellent performance and reliability across a wide spectrum of product builds.

In addition, the company will showcase its high-reliability 90iSC lead-free solder alloy. Designed in cooperation with automotive manufacturers, Henkel’s 90iSC was formulated to withstand the demands of harsh environments, delivering high operating temperature stability beyond that of conventional SAC alloys.

Learn from Henkel Experts

Henkel’s team of technical specialists will expand upon the benefits of the above materials in a series of three presentations that take place during the three-day PCIM Europe event.

Silicone vs. Silicone-free Thermally-conductive Materials

Presenter: Henkel Technical Customer Service Engineer, Giuseppe Caramella,

Date/Time: May 7 at 11:40am

Location: in the Exhibitor Forum

This presentation discusses the benefits of each chemistry platform, operating conditions, restrictions, and outgassing requirements.

Next-generation, One-component Cure-in-place Thermally-conductive Gap Filler

Presenter: Stephan Höfer, Henkel EIMEA Business Development Manager for Powertrain and Power Conversion

Date/Time: May 8 at 4:20 pm.

Location: the Exhibitor Forum

The presentation will discuss the difference of pre-cured gels and the value proposition for using a one-component, cure-in-place, vertically-stable Liquid Form material.

The Influence of Solder Paste Formulation and Process Factors on Large QFN Material Voiding

Presenter: Rodrigo Aguilar, Henkel Business Development Manager,

Date/Time: May 7, 3:15pm

Location: the Foyer Ground NCC Mitte, presented as part of the poster sessions

This presentation will cover information on the current voiding standards and discuss solder material and process factors that influence voiding.

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