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Heat Isolating Thermal Protection Materials now only 100µm Thick

Panasonic has expanded its offering of “NASBIS” Insulating Sheets. “NASBIS” stands for Nano Silica Balloon Insulator Sheet. Panasonic now offers NASBIS in a thickness of 10µm. Applications include smartphones, wearables, digital still camera, notebook PCs, tablet PCs, and so on.

This new addition to Panasonic’s line of thermal management solutions is a thin, flexible Nano-Silica heat insulation material composed of silica aerogel and polyester fiber that has high thermal isolative properties.

The thermal conductivity of NASBIS is comparable to that of air, making it a very attractive material for heat insulation. NASBIS Sheets protect thermally weak products from heat and works to maintain a uniform temperature throughout a device.

NASBIS is a heat insulating sheet, which is composed of silica aerogel and fiber sheet, created through impregnation process. Pore size of silica aerogel is 10nm to 60nm, which means it has smaller space than the mean free path of the air, 68nm. Air molecules do not collide against each other inside the pores, and thus the component shows excellent heat insulation performance.

Appearance of silica aerogel and its nanostructure (click on image to enlarge)

Features of NASBIS include:

  • Low thermal conductivity : 0.020 W/m · K typ.
  • Created thin-film sheets from 100μm to 1000μm
  • Various levels of performance are available when combined with PGS Graphite sheet
  • RoHS compliant

Furthermore, when combined in a stack with Panasonic’s Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet or PGS, NASBIS Insulating Sheets enable the control of heat direction. This proprietary composite material provides greater heat insulating performance.

Panasonic Corp.
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