Heart Transverter Announces New Smart Grid Inverter Charger

Heart Transverter S.A. has announced the commercial release of its HT 2000 Bidirectional Smart Grid Inverter Charger. Called a Transverter, because of its unique combination of functions, this device incorporates a bidirectional inverter charger which can act as a grid-tie inverter for solar installations, a dc to dc converter and as static dc-ac inverter for operation off energy stored in batteries.

Its topology also allows the unit to act as a zero switchover time uninterruptible power supply for connected loads. The inverter can be configured to operate off traditional lead acid batteries, as well as Lithium Ion and other advanced battery technologies.

A summary of the Transverter functions include:

— Bidirectional Grid-tie Inverter

–Demand Response

— Energy Management

–Power Factor Compensation

— Uninterruptible Power Supply

— Solar Charge Controller with MPPT

— Data Logging and Communications

The Demand Response function in the Transverter is unique in that it can be used both for supplementing the grid from stored energy and for managing interruptible loads. By definition, demand response is a response to demand from the grid to either supplement energy to the grid or reduce load. The response time in traditional Demand Response scenarios is typically 30 minutes to two hours. The Transverter can do both with response times on the order of 17 milliseconds or one wave shape. This high speed response can mean the difference between a power outage in a grid sector or maintaining normal service.

A unique combination of functions enables Smart Grid and Solar implementations that generate revenue for the system operator, reduce electric utility costs with renewable energy while providing energy security for the end user.

In summary, the Transverter technology provides vastly improved demand response times and the integration of networked energy storage and renewable energy into the utility grid.

More news and information regarding the latest developments in Smart Grid electronics can be found at Darnell’s SmartGridElectronics.Net.

Heart Transverter S.A.
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