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Hawker Intros Hawker XT 35

Hawker Energy Products Inc. (Warrensburg, MO) has expanded its Hawker XT Series of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries to include a new footprint, the Hawker XT 35. The new series is intended to provide backup in distributed power and wireless telecommunications where abusive environments are increasingly commonplace.The lead-tin, sealed battery technology provides 12-plus years of float life at 25 degrees C, according to Hawker. The company stated that it has incorporated several new, proprietary modifications into the design to surpass the internationally recognized 10-plus-years life requirement for standby applications while maintaining resilience to extreme conditions. The battery is capable of being repeatedly deep cycled, delivering greater than 400 full depth-of-discharge cycles at the C/5 rate. The Hawker XT 35 is also able to recover from long periods of deep discharge and can provide 100 percent nominal capacity within days on float following storage, according to the firm.

Hawker Energy Products Inc.
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