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Haoxin Offers TN-3.6-600-I Li-Ion Battery

Shanghai Haoxin Science and Development Co. Ltd. (China) rolled out the TN-3.6-600-I lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery, which includes an optical-electricity converter and is suitable for use with mobile phones. The product can be recharged using solar power, and this function enables cellphones to have longer standby and higher adaptability. The batteries can be used for 30 days without normal recharge as they are frequently exposed in the sunlight.

The batteries also provide special protection circuits to avoid short-circuit, over-charge and over-discharge, and to ensure that the batteries operate properly. In addition, the product features high voltage, high capacity, no memory effect and long life expectancy. The devices operate with 3.6V and provide 600mAh capacity.

Shanghai Haoxin Science and Development Co. Ltd.
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