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Half-Brick and Quarter-Brick DC-DCs for Rail Applications

SynQor, Inc., announced new additions to its RailQor Transportation product line. These new high power, 92 percent high-efficiency dc-dc converters are based on SynQor’s next-generation, isolated, fixed-frequency synchronous rectifier technology.

The RailQor converters are designed to provide extremely high-power conversion efficiency throughout the entire output power range. These bricks allow designers to run these units without heatsinks in enclosed environments, with no air flow at temperatures as high as 85°C. Maximum Base plate temperature 100°C. Reinforced Isolation (2,000 Vrms).

The new models include the 320W RQ1BxxxHE half-brick with an input voltage range of 66- to 160-Vdc; the 300W RQ90138HE half brick with an input voltage range of 34- to 160-Vdc and an output of 13.8V; and the 50W RQ36xxxQM quarter brick with an input voltage range of 18- to 75-Vdc.

The modules are encased to operate in the harshest transport and industrial environmental conditions. The ultra-wide input range of the RQ90 and RQ1B allows designers and integrators to power a large variety of products with a single part type.

SynQor’s field-proven, highly reliable technology shortens design cycles and helps designers/integrators yield reliable dependable solutions for the very competitive rail and transport markets.

Features include:

  • High Power density:
    • up to 324W for RQ1BXXXHE (half-brick)
    • up to 300W for RQ90138HE (half-brick)
    • up to 50W for RQ36XXXQM (quarter-brick)
  • Wide input range:
    • 66- to 160-Vdc for RQ1BXXXHE
    • 40- to 160-Vdc for RQ90138HE
    • 18- to 75-Vdc for RQ36XXXQM
  • High efficiency: 92%
  • Reinforced Isolation (2,000 Vrms) for the RQ1B and RQ90 modules
  • Maximum Base plate temperature 100°C
  • Specification Compliance
    • EN 50155
    • EN 50121-2
    • EN 60950-1
    • EN 61373:1999 Cat 1, Cat B
    • EN 60068-2-1/2/30:2007
SynQor Inc.
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