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Guardian On Board Introduces New PowerCard UPS Card

Guardian On Board (Ashkelon, Israel) recently announced that its PowerCard UPS card, suitable for all PC-based systems, will be available in a CE-approved, 220V version. PowerCard, which is approximately 20 percent the size of a standard UPS, is based on rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, as opposed to the lead-acid batteries used in a conventional UPS. PowerCard is designed to install in any free PCI slot and protects against data loss, equipment damage and downtime due to electrical disruptions.

According to the company, the PowerCard is also available in a 620VA model designed to permit as much as 25 minutes of computer operation, depending on equipment load, during a power outage. The device is designed to protect against all line-voltage and phone/data-line disturbances, including lightning strikes, spikes, surges and sags. PowerCard also provides EMI/RFI line-noise filtering and includes automatic shutdown software.

Guardian On Board
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