Guangzhou Hong Min Intros HM-Y Electronic Ballast Series

Guangzhou Hong Min Electronic Co. (China) introduced the HM-Y Series electronic ballast, designed to light fluorescent lamps through high-frequency self-oscillation without 50Hz flicker and noise. The ballast is claimed to be able to normally start at as low voltage as 100V and work reliably at a voltage over 200V. According to the company, the ballast can save at least 25 percent energy on average, compared to induction ballast. The HM-Y series' luminescence coefficient is greater than 0.95; power factor is greater than 0.93; harmonic distortion is less than 15 percent; and current crest factor is between 1.2 and 1.8. The devices are priced at about $2 each.

Guangzhou Hong Min Electronic Co.
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