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Growing Production Drives Prices Down for Solid-State Li-ion Batteries

Cymbet Corporation announced today that the entire family of EnerChip™ rechargeable solid-state batteries is now running at their high-volume manufacturing site in Lubbock, Texas. This high-volume manufacturing site, along with strategic supply chain improvements, have facilitated decreased costs that in turn allow Cymbet to lower the prices of all EnerChip devices an average of 25%. Prices on all Cymbet EnerChip devices have been decreased including; EnerChip battery packaged parts and bare die, EnerChip CC batteries with integrated charge control and power management, and the EnerChip RTC family that combines an ultra-low power Real Time Clock bare die with an EnerChip battery bare die and a Power Management IC in a tiny plastic package.

"Successfully executing our high volume EnerChip manufacturing plan is a major milestone," said Morgan Thoma, VP Engineering and Manufacturing. "In partnership with the X-FAB Texas team, we have created the world's highest volume solid state battery manufacturing site."

Cymbet EnerChip batteries are manufactured in two sites using semiconductor processes and are sold in both standard plastic IC packages and as bare die batteries. EnerChip rechargeable batteries enable new innovative product capabilities that previously could not be realized with legacy energy storage devices such as coin cell batteries or supercapacitors.

"We are pleased to provide our customers with added value though lower EnerChip prices," said Blair Wilson, Cymbet VP of Sales. "These lower prices enable our customers to use EnerChip batteries in high volume cost sensitive designs."

Cymbet Corporation
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