Great Wall Presents Lateral Power MOSFETs

Great Wall Semiconductor Corp. (GWS, Tempe, AZ), a designer, developer and manufacturer of high-performance power semiconductors using lateral MOSFET technology, announced a family of Lateral Power™ MOSFET products in chip-scale packages. The 20 V GWS12N20 is only 3.5 milliohms and the 30 V GWS12N30 achieves 4.0 milliohms (with Vg=10 V), and both are offered in a 3.08 mm² x 3.08 mm² chip-scale package.

The ultra-low gate charge silicon design and the chip-scale package provide the solution for multi-megahertz, high-density dc-dc converters, cell phones, notebooks and many other high-performance power management products that previously were limited by the efficiency of existing technologies. The low total gate charge of the two Lateral Power MOSFETs is less than 16 nC. The product of the typical on-resistance and total gate charge measured at 4.5 V provides a figure of merit of 75 and 69.8 for the GWS12N30 and the GWS12N20.

The MicroSURF&trade chip-scale package occupies 9.5 mm², offering a small footprint of only 30% of the SO-8 size packages, and a low profile of less than 1 mm. The package provides low parasitic impedance and is standard SMT-assembly compatible.

Pricing for the GWS12N20 or GWS12N30 is $0.90 for minimum quantities of 50 or 1,000 units. Available now, delivery is in 10 to 12 weeks ARO.

Great Wall Semiconductor Corp.
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