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Glary Unveils First Nano-Brick Power Module

Glary Power Technology (Taichung, Taiwan) introduced its new U64 Nano-Brick series high reliability dc/dc power module, which features the company’s claimed world-smallest 0.71″ X 0.71″ footprint that offers 40W/8A outputs. U64 series demonstrates more than 7×106 hrs MTBF, 248W/in³ power density, and up to 93% of conversion efficiency at full load, as well as 0.32 inch of height.

The 0.7×0.71×0.32″ ultra compact brick package of U64 Nano-Brick and its outstanding MTBF characteristic are achieved by its low parts count design, which is nearly 40% lower compared with competitors’ products in similar packag and power rating in the market. The patented “Couple-inductor SR” topology with efficient power stage design reduces the total power loss, resulting in more delivered power with higher conversion efficiency, which generates much less heat and further guarantees its capability of delivering rated current across 36V to 75V input-voltage range from -40°C to +115°C of module temperature range.

The module features 1.5KVdc isolation rating between primary to secondary, and it is designed to meet international safety standards, including EN60950 and CSA/UL60950, as well as to provide full protection functions such as over-voltage and over-temperature protection, and input under-voltage lockout. It offers the output-voltage trim facility that enables the output to be adjusted between 90% and 110% of nominal.

Available now, the price is $26 each at 1,000-piece quantity.

Glary Power Technology
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