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Glary Releases BQ 1/4 Brick with 390~680W Output

With maximum 680W delivered power and 96% of conversion efficiency, Glary Power Technology has now announced the BQ series — Ultra High Power 1/4 Brick module as a further technology revolution in power industry. With Glary’s patented Buck-Reset topology it is demonstrated with the unique Sink-plate flexible thermal structure to get the best thermal performance and deliver high power under extreme environmental conditions. For the non-regulated IBA application, the model coded BQX096 with an output of 8~12V/60A and 370W/in³ of power density, performs 96% conversion efficiency for 40~60V input voltage range. On the other hand, the model coded BQW065 delivers regulated 6.5V/60A output at 1% of voltage accuracy crossing 36~75V input range.

The BQ series offers up to 50% of space saving for power circuit area on the customer’s system board, and even under severe cooling conditions such as n RF amplifier applications it would still work with high reliability. BQ series has demonstrated the world’s highest delivered current design in an industrial standard 1/4 brick package and footprint, and further allows the system designers to easily upgrade the system performance by simply using this brick as a drop in replacement. BQ series can surely support the latest high power applications such as high performance computing or mobile communication station for meeting the requirements of energy saving and cost reduction with very high efficiency across the entire 36V~75V input range.

Other features include 1.5KVdc isolation rating between primary to secondary that is designed to meet international safeties including EN60950 and CSA/UL60950, and full protection features such as OVP, OTP, OCP, and input UVLO. Output voltage trim function is also available and enables the output to be adjusted between 90% and 110% of nominal.

The BQX096 module, as an example, is now priced at $50 each for 1Kpcs volume with typical lead-time of 8 weeks.

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