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Glary Adds 80W Micro-Brick Power Module

Glary Power Technology (also known as GPT, Taiwan) has utilized its patented “Buck-reset Forward” topology to re-define regulated dc/dc converter’s power density capability in the latest released U32 Micro-bricks. By putting up to 80W regulated power into 0.91″ x 0.91″ x 0.4″ layout package, U32 Micro-brick series provides up to 94% conversion efficiency and 240W/in³ of power density, to help system designers with up to 50% of space saving for the power circuit area in the majority of the current application boards.

U32 Micro-brick series also performs regulated output voltage from 12V down to 2.5V, for an output current up to 20Amps, and with input voltage coverage of 36 ~ 75V. Combining the renewed low parts count circuit design and the inherently high power capability of patented Buck-reset topology, U32 Micro-brick works easily in a wide operating temperature range of -40°C ~ +110°C and MTBF as high as 6.2M hours at 25°C.

The series features a remote ON/OFF control in all its standard module members. 1.5KVdc isolation rating between primary to secondary, compliance to ROHS as well as international safety standards including EN60950 and CSA/UL60950, full protection functions such as OVP, OTP, OCP, SCP and input UVLO are all embedded in this advanced 1/32 brick package. Output voltage can also be adjusted between 90% and 110% of nominal.

U32 Micro-brick is priced for OEM quantities starting at USD 28 each with standard lead-time of 6 to 8 weeks.

Glary Power Technology
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