GENFET family of low voltage MOSFETs

General Semiconductor (Melville, NY) recently announced the first product offering of the company's new GENFET family of low voltage MOSFETs. The devices are designed to improve the efficiency of dc/dc conversion circuits that power high performance microprocessors in both desktop and notebook computers. According to General, the low voltage power MOSFETs utilize a proprietary high cell density trench technology providing a very low gate charge per unit of on-resistance. For the desktop computer, the GFP70N03 is a thru-hole TO-220 and the GFB70N03 in a surface mount TO-263. Both devices provide an on-resistance of 8.0m (omega) with a 35nC gate charge. According to the company, in a dc/dc synchronous converter with a 16A output and Vout of 2V, the GFB70N03 delivers 80 percent efficiency and 90 percent at 3A output. For notebook computers, the GF4420 is a surface mount SO-8 package and will have an on-resistance of 9.0m (omega) with a 35nC gate charge. The GENFET family of Low Voltage MOSFETs, coupled with our leading market position in Schottky, ultrafast and standard rectifiers, provides General Semiconductor with building block power management components that motherboard manufacturers require to boost power supply efficiency, said Ronald Ostertag, chairman and CEO of General Semiconductor.

General Semiconductor Inc.
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