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Generac Debuts the DG50 Standby Generator Set

Generac Power Systems recently debuted its DG50 distributed generation product. The DG50 is a 50kW standby generator set that can allow businesses to avoid peak demand charges during high-usage periods, thereby keeping electricity costs under control. The system is rated at 50 kilowatts of output, making it suited for commercial establishments like restaurants, food stores, and retail outlets. The fully enclosed package has a footprint of just over 20 square feet and a sound rating of 58 decibels.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of peak shaving, standby power or grid support applications, the DG50 allows users to generate some or all of their required power on a regular schedule or upon demand. The system's integrated paralleling switchgear lets users parallel with the utility in a base-load or peak-shave configuration. Equipped with remote command and monitoring capabilities, the DG 50 requires minimal site interface. The generator set is natural gas-fueled and completely self-contained.

Generac Power Systems
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