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G-Proof Fans with High G-Force Tolerance for High-Vibration Environments

Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd. has developed and launched the G Proof Fan series designed to withstand high levels of g-force. These G Proof Fans are claimed to be the first in the industry to be available in these sizes as the San Ace 120GP 9GP type and San Ace 172GP 9GP type.

These fans are expected to find application in CT scanners and other devices that are required to operate in environments with high g-force or vibration

The San Ace 120GP 9GP and San Ace 172GP 9GP fans also come standardly equipped with the pwm control function to externally control the rotational speed of the fan.

San Ace 120GP 9GP and San Ace 172GP 9GP feature:

  1. Highly Resistant to G-Forces – These fans can withstand g-forces of 75 g for 1000 hours.
  2. Low Noise and High Energy Efficiency – The pwm control function enables the external control of fan speed, contributing to lower noise and higher energy efficiency of devices.

Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.
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