Fuji Intros High-Voltage Avalance Rugged FAP-IIS Series

Collmer Semiconductor Inc. (Dallas, TX) announced that Fuji Electric (Saddle Brook, NJ) is now offering power MOSFETs in the industry standard TO-247 package, which allows the use of larger die sizes for lower Rds(on). According to Collmer, Fuji's package design reduces channel-to-case thermal resistance by up to 25 percent when compared to competitive types. For their first TO-247 products, Fuji has selected the high-voltage avalanche rugged FAP-IIS series, which features avalanche current ratings at 150 degrees C channel temperature. Devices are offered in voltage ratings from 400V to 1000V, with current ratings from 7A to 27A.

Collmer Semiconductor Inc. , Fuji Electric
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