Fronius Announces New Central Inverter Series

Fronius International GmbH introduced its new Fronius CL central inverter series which the company says combines high-yield power electronics with a unique modular system design using the Fronius MIX™ concept. The market introduction phase is expected to start in mid-2010.

The module system design of Fronius CL central inverters is said to have numerous advantages for the installer as well as the system operator, including: unique system design with the Fronius MIX™ concept; high-yield power electronics; intelligent cooling; simple planning and easy installation; and comprehensive system monitoring.

Fronius CL central inverters will come onto the market in 36, 48, and 60kW power classes, so they are well suited for PV systems up to several hundred kilowatts. Once the market introduction phase has ended, the devices will be available worldwide.

Fronius International GmbH
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