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Freeplay Energy Introduces FreeCharge 12V Kit For Outdoor Charging

Freeplay Energy introduced the FreeCharge 12V Kit – described as a convenient solution to charging any electrical device in the outdoors such as an mp3 player, Blackberry, GPS, and a digital camera. The FreeCharge comes complete with a USB car charger and USB cable. The FreeCharge converts 74% of energy generated through the hand crank into usable power for your device.

The FreeCharge 12V is described as a reliable, lightweight (weighing a mere 310 grams), and compact emergency device. The internal mechanics are said to be up to industrial standards to endure repeated use for a long lifespan. Additionally, the FreeCharge is said to offer extended storage life without any performance failures. It is also said to be durable and splash proof.

The device is priced at $40 retail.

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