four new families of 500 and 750mA LDOs

Texas Instruments (TI, Dallas) recently introduced four new families of 500 and 750mA low-dropout voltage regulators (LDOs). These de-vices are designed to prolong life in DSP-based applications or portable systems. These regulators offer a tran-sient response time of just two micro-seconds (0-500mA), allowing designers to improve their system reliability while maintaining a well-regulated power supply. The TPS775xx/6xx/7xx/8xx LDO families offer a unique combination of out-standing capabilities, according to TI. The devices in each LDO family are made up of two product groups. One group has 500mA outputs while the second group has outputs of 750mA. Each family supports a wide range of fixed output voltages, starting at 1.5V and going up to 5V. There is also an option of choosing a device that has either an integrated Power-Good or an integrated Reset option. The TPS775xx/6xx/7xx/8xx families of LDOs are manufactured using TI's advanced Lin-BiCMOS process. The devices are available in eight-pin small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) packages or TI's PowerPad high-power surface mount thin shrink small outline package. All devices will be available in October 1999 from TI and its authorized distributors. The LDOs are available in quantities of 1,000. The devices' suggested retail prices are $1.51 for the 500mA TPS775xx, $1.26 for the 500mA TPS776xx, $1.75 for the 750mA TPS777xx and $1.61 for the 750mA TPS778xx.

Texas Instruments
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