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Forge Nano and ALD NanoSolutions Combine on Atomic Level Manufacturing

Leading atomic layer deposition (ALD) experts Forge Nano and ALD NanoSolutions have merged to bring cutting edge surface engineering techniques to market. The technology of tomorrow requires incredible precision and control of materials to make products perform better than ever before.

By "starting at the surface" it is possible to engineer exact material properties, at an atomic level. This allows the optimization a number of characteristics by controlling the way surfaces behave and interact with one another and their environment.

"By combining the cumulative experience and resources of our companies, we offer unmatched real-world expertise, and the ability to scale atomic surface technology all the way through to manufacturing. We enable the engineering and manufacturing of nano-coatings on particles, and high surface area objects using the precision of ALD," commented Dr. Paul Lichty, CEO Forge Nano Inc.

"By consolidating and streamlining our organization we now have the resources to deliver on a whole new wave of atomically perfected materials. Our customers now have a one-stop shop for product development, manufacturing, and IP. I'm pleased to offer an even faster and more concise path to market for our partners," Dr. Lichty added.

"We are excited to merge our talent and resources to create a company with unmatched capabilities and technical know-how. Not only that, but we will continue our close collaboration with Prof. Alan Weimer, and Prof. Steven George and their research groups at CU Boulder, ushering in a new era of disruptive technology together," stated Dr. Wayne Simmons, CEO ALD NanoSolutions Inc.

The future of advanced materials technology begins at the surface. Using finely tuned, sub-nano surface control, "Manufacturing with Atoms" becomes a reality that will create safer and more efficient products. ALD enabled surfaces are pushing past the limitations of today's materials and are finding applications in not just industrial uses but also for many household products.

Forge Nano , ALD NanoSolutions Inc.
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