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First 400Vdc Data Center Power Coupler System to Meet New IEC Standard

With the GP21 plug connector and the GS21 socket-outlet, Schurter has claimed the world’s first UL approved IEC TS 62735-1 standardized dc coupler system designed to enable efficient dc power distribution in data center power distribution strips and UPS.

With a complete dc power supply architecture, from source to load, the cost-intensive and failure-prone transformations and conversions, including their components, are completely eliminated. Operational reliability increases with improved efficiency.

In the digital age, vast quantities of dc-powered devices are in use: consumer electronics, industrial IT, communications technology, and electric vehicles to name a few. New technologies are beginning to emerge to enable direct current at the source of supply, which in turn is driving the establishment of standards.

Direct current improves the quality of the power being supplied. Problems with harmonics and harmonic distortions are eliminated. Phase compensation is also not necessary. Furthermore, coupling synchronization to different sources and networks is no longer necessary.

IEC TS 62735-1

The new standard for dc power distribution up to 2.6kW requires a more complex design. Couplers must be designed considering the potential for arcing associated with disconnecting the dc power supply. The permissible temperature range of the connector pins is -5°C to +105°C. An additional interlock for arc protection, while hot plugging, is not required for the version up to 2.6kW.

Plug GP21 / socket-outlet GS21

The re-connectable Schurter GP21 plug accommodates a cable cross-section of between 0.75mm²/18 AWG and 1.5mm²/16 AWG. The corresponding socket-outlet GS21 is designed for front panel thicknesses of 1.5mm or 2.0mm. Quick Connect 6.3 x 0.8 mm or PCB terminals are available for the connection.


The reduction of steps to convert power resulting in less power loss, clearly speaks to the need for the use of dc power supply in data centers.

IEC TS 62735-2 is in process for the standardization of a higher dc power requirement of up to 5.2kW. The appropriate interconnect with the necessary safety interlock (cold switch) are currently being developed.

To increase operational safety, Schurter will also be equipping its 2.6kW coupler set with a cord retaining system. Appliance-side dc components, such as inlets and cord connectors, are being standardized in IEC TS 63236. This standard is currently in the draft phase.

Unique Selling Proposition:

  • Standard form acc. to IEC TS 62735-1
  • Hot plug rated for disconnecting under loads up to 2.6kW
  • Ideal for compact PDU applications with an operating temperature up to 105°C
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