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Film Capacitors for Up To 840Vdc and 125 Degrees C

TDK Corporation presents a new series of EPCOS MKP (metallized polypropylene) film capacitors for dc link and dc filter applications. The outstanding feature of these components is their high permissible operating temperature of 125 degrees C. The capacitors are offered with rated voltages of 630Vdc, 700Vdc and 840Vdc in a broad range of capacitances from 1µF to 50µF.

The lead spacing of the new dc link capacitors with the ordering codes of B32774P to B32778P may be 27.5mm, 37.5mm or 52.5mm. In order to achieve high mechanical stability on the PCB, 4-pin versions are offered for the two larger lead spacings, and types with a lead spacing of 27.5mm are available with a wire diameter 1mm. Both the enclosure and the casting compound comply with flame retardant category UL 94 V-0. The RoHS-compatible capacitors offer high current capabilities of up to 23.5Arms.

With their low ESL and ESR values, the new EPCOS capacitors are suitable for inverters and power supplies in industrial electronics or for dc-dc converters in automotive electronics. Main applications are expected to include: inverters, power supply units, and dc-dc converters and compressors for automotive electronics.

Main features and benefits include: High permissible operating temperature of up to 125 degrees C; Broad range of capacitance values from 1µF to 50µF; and High pulse strength of up to 23.5Arms.

TDK Corporation
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