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Fenton Expands PowerPal Line of UPSs With PowerPal Rack Mount 1400

Fenton Technologies (Santa Ana, CA) announced that is expanding its PowerPal line of UPSs with a long runtime rack-mount solution for high-powered networking applications. The PowerPal Rack Mount 1400 is a line-interactive type UPS with buck and boost voltage regulation. It includes all the capabilities of Fenton Technologies' PowerPal line, as well as multiple interface ports to monitor multiple servers, six output receptacles and also a slot for an optional SNMP/HTTP management card. The six output receptacles have block spacing to accommodate ac adapter plugs.

The PowerPal Rack-Mount 1400 includes free UPS monitoring and automatic shutdown software. It includes an RJ11/45 surge suppression port for a telephone line or network cable and allows for unlimited runtime extendibility with optional external rack-or floor-mount battery banks with built-in chargers.

The PowerPal Rack Mount 1400 is priced at $899.

Fenton Technologies
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