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Fengge Battery Releases FG12-7 Lead-Acid Battery

Zhongshan Fengge Battery Co. Ltd. (China) released its regulated sealed, lead-acid battery that features low self-discharge and long life. Designed for use in emergency lighting, UPSs, telecom and auto applications, the FG12-7 has a nominal voltage of 12V; rated capacities of 7Ah (20h), 6.3Ah (10h), 5.6Ah (5h), and 4.2Ah (1h); and an internal resistance of 23 milliohms. Measuring 150mm x 65mm x 94mm, the total height is 100mm and the weight is 2.5kg. Lifespan is five years and 800 charge times. Minimum orders are in 2,000-unit quantities and the lead time is 20 days.

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