FDK Eighth Brick Isolated DC-DC Converters Deliver 100W At 75°C With No Derating

FDK Corp. has expanded its Sensei series of isolated dc/dc converters with the addition of the FPER48T5R020 and the FPER48T01210 eighth brick converters. The FPER48T5R020 provides up to 20A of output current (100W) at a regulated voltage of 5.0V while the FPER48T01210 delivers up to 10A of output current (120W) at a regulated voltage of 12.0V. Targeted for Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) and Distributed Power Architecture (DPA) in telecommunications, WiMAX, data processing, computing, and storage applications, these converters are claimed to provide best-in-class thermal performance.

The FPER48T5R020 and the FPER48T01210 converters of the Sensei series operate from a 36 to 75Vdc input, and are offered in a 2.30 x 0.90" (58.4 x 22.8mm) industry-standard eighth brick footprint and pin-out. They have a low body profile of 0.421" (10.7mm), making them particularly suitable for high density card-rack applications. Standard features include input under-voltage lockout (UVLO), output over-current protection (OCP), output over-voltage protection (OVP), over-temperature protection (OTP), remote output voltage sense, and output voltage trim using industry-standard trim equations. The FPER48T5R020 and FPER48T01210 converters meet the basic insulation requirements of EN60950 and feature input to output dc isolation of 1500Vdc.

The converters are said to deliver full-rated output power and current, with little or no derating, at high ambient temperatures without the need for heat sinks. With a 48Vdc input and 400 LFM (2m/s) airflow, the FPER48T5R020 delivers 100W (20A) at ambient temperatures up to 75°C, and the FPER48T01210 delivers 100W (8.4A) at temperatures up to 75°C and 120W (10A) at temperatures up to 55°C.

"The FPER48T5R020 and the FPER48T01210 converters are a timely addition to the Sensei series," said Dr. Apurba Roy, Executive Advisor, FDK Corp.. "FDK now has a complete line-up of eighth bricks in the 100W class, providing 12, 5 and 3.3V distribution rails, with FDK’s signature thermal performance."

All Sensei Series products are RoHS compliant. In quantities of 1,000 pieces, the FPER48T5R020 and the FPER48T01210 converters are priced at $36.00.