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Fast Wireless Charging with Tablet Compatibility

ChargeSpot Wireless Power Inc. announced the availability of their new fast wireless charging system today. Since ChargeSpot began offering wireless charging to workplaces, the company has served workplace leaders across a variety of industries including technology, banking and law.

“End users and designers love ChargeSpot for its clean aesthetic and seamless charging experience. We’re helping people create a truly wireless work environment,” says CEO Mark Goh. “With fast wireless charging we’re making it even easier for people to stay connected – it’s 1.5x faster than conventional wireless charging.” The high power output also allows ChargeSpot to serve a growing number of users who need to charge their tablets in the workplace.

The product release from ChargeSpot adds to the growing momentum that the wireless charging industry has experienced in 2017. Earlier this year, Apple officially joined the Wireless Power Consortium, providing strong signals that wireless charging is on the way for the iPhone. Samsung and other Android devices already support fast wireless charging today.

ChargeSpot installs easily underneath table surfaces to create a fast wireless charging zone on top. When a smartphone or tablet is placed in the fast wireless charging zone, it charges wirelessly, keeping employees connected and productive. The enhanced power output of the new ChargeSpot allows devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 to charge from 0 to 70% in under 1 hour.

“As collaboration becomes crucial for knowledge based workers, infrastructure to support these collaborative sessions is essential,” explains Goh. “With ChargeSpot, employees can make client calls all day or use their mobile device without battery life anxiety. It’s our way of improving the workplace experience.”

ChargeSpot Wireless Power Inc.
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